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Adopt Leonard

Leonard is one those well trained and well-behaved dogs. He is actually fond of people and bonds with anyone before you know it.

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Kathleen is a healthy and an energetic one. She is the most among everyone here. She sure can keep you busy all day.

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The youngest among everyone here. She is so bubbly and loving. She is so fond of human companionship so will definitely make a great pet in your house.


Saving Springers since 1998

Esra Canada has been involved in saving street dogs and providing them with homes since 1998. With the immense support from the public, we have been able to carry out the process of rescuing and adoption successfully.


Meet Your Perfect Pet

Esra Canada is the place to find the perfect pet for you. Choose your favorite dog of your favorite breed.
Saving Springers since 1998


Adoption number 22043243
Type Dog
Gender Female
Race english springer spaniel
Age 3 years
Color Gray/Brown
Owners Unknown


Adoption number 22043244
Type Dog
Gender Male
Race english springer spaniel
Age 2 years
Color Black/White
Owners Unknown


Adoption number 22043245
Type Dog
Gender Female
Race english springer spaniel
Age 3 years
Color Brown/White
Owners Unknown

The Process of Adopting

All the required process that needs to be carried out for pet adoption are carried out at Esra Canada.


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Our Blog

Tips for Training a Rescue Dog

Rescue dogs have had a history, and they are trained in a different way. If you happen to be a person who is planning to adopt a rescue dog you will have to know certain things before your adoption. Adopting a puppy and a rescue dog is not the same thing. Adopting a rescue dog does not require house training, crate training, etc. The following are some of the tips you can use if you are going to train a dog:

Dog training is a big investment:

Training a dog can be useful in many ways. You are basically teaching them how to be better at things you want them to do. If you have enough experience to train a dog you can do it by yourself otherwise it is better to take your dog to a professional trainer who can train your dog. When your dog is put with other dogs that are getting trained they will be able to get a better bonding experience and cope up better with the entire training process.

Reward your dogs:

You cannot train your dog without giving it a reward. Bring a treat which your dog likes the most and give it to it when it has done what you have asked it to do. Try not to feed your dog before the training as they might not be satisfied with the treats that you give them.

Do not do anything which will make your dog too tired before the training:

Your dog has to be active before the training so that they will be able to grasp and do everything they are asked to do. If you take them for long walks or play with them for too long right before the training, they will become too tired, and they will not be able to concentrate properly.

Practice is the key:

To get better at something you have to keep giving practices to your dogs until it becomes good at it. When you are at home, you can check if your dog actually responds to what is being taught at the training.

You are being trained as your dog is being trained:

Always remember that as your dog is being trained, you are being trained too. You need to know which command to give your dog to do a particular thing. It is as if you are learning a new language. It is better that everyone in your family who will be around your dog to learn the commands which are to be given to the dog.

Be Patient:

Dogs are the most loving creatures in the world and can be trained to do many things, but you need to be patient to get the result. Dogs need practice and a lot of training to learn things. So you will have to be patient and wait till your dog learns.

English springer dog

Dog has always been man’s best friend since time in memorial they have been our companion from the time of the prehistoric days; this can be proved from the cave painting found in the many parts of the world. In the present day, we come up with many ways to make the dogs as friendly and cute and also as trainable as possible by cross-breeding them and creating new species of dogs. Among these cross breeds, some of them have emerged to be the best and have proved to be the best dogs to their owners. One among these best breed dogs are the English springer dogs

Introduction to the English springer spaniel.

These were developed as a gun to flush and to be a game in the field. Now they have become much more than just being a game on the field when these dogs came out the audience all around the world were instantly attracted to them they have some really superior skills in hunting and tracking ability’s these amazing abilities coupled along with is incredibility adorable face has made this dog breed to become one of the most popular breeds of dogs in the world


Here is a more clear and an in-depth account of what makes this dog so lovable and wanted by many poodle lovers all over the world and how he can adjust with any person with any type of character. Here a few things that are prominent in this dog. This dog is known to have an all-round friendliness, and he is very affectionate to the members of the family, and he is very friendly with the kids and infants and is also friendly towards another dog and he is also friendly towards other dogs when the stranger is welcomed by the members of the house he is residing in. This dog is very trainable, and his intelligence is higher compared to the other dogs, and he has really good prey drive skills, and he is very easy to train them. This dog has a really high amount of energy, and the intensity of this dog is also very good and has a very high potential for being playful. He also has good, and adaptability skills and is also good in being sensitive he cannot tolerate being along, and he has really good adaptability to the warm and the hot climates, and he can adapt very well to this climate. He also has a really healthy grooming pertaining to the amount of shedding and the general health and the potential to gain drastically all of these important characters are the perfect fit for people who are alone and are in a really warm climate.




Physical features of the dog.

This breed of dog falls under the category of the sporting dogs and can grow up to the maximum height of 1ft, 10 inches, and they have a lifespan of 10 to 15 year at best.

For those people who feel lonely or let down having this dog can cheer you up and this can also one of the best ways, a person can relax after coming from work.

Amazing dog rescue stories

We as human beings fail to see others living creatures also as beings which have feelings have emotions and we get caught up in doing our things. We are known to be very selfish-beings on the face of this planet. We have done many things that has affected the animal kingdom on the whole, and even the animals that have chosen to live with us have been hurt and left without care, sometimes even to die in their desperate state. But few among us have proven to be angels to the canines and have made a great pet out these rescued dogs, here are a few stories that will clearly indicate that to us.

Bound, Taped and Left to die.

This Friday proved to be just like any other day for the Texas plumber Carlos Carillo, he was heading out to work in Robstown Carillo when they felt there was something moving and struggling in a ditch off the country road, they didn’t want to go and investigate the issue but still something in them made them want to go and look at what was in the ditch, but they were really not prepared to see what was about to meet their eye as they approached the ditch they saw a dog, bound in both the legs and a really tight layer of duct tape was used to shut the mouth and was pushed in to the ditch, This really shocked both Carlos and his colleague, they immediately set about the task of setting the pup free, as soon as the duct tape was removed, he was so happy to run around and move his legs and mouth , They took him to a pet caregiving center and prepared him so that a really good family can adopt him . From the time he was put in the home he has been a happy dog.

Dog left in car to be roasted by heat.

There are people who really don’t care and just get rid of the dog, but there some people who want a pet but they really don’t care about them, here is one such story, The owner wanted to go shopping to Wal-Mart there are many places that will be willing to take care of the dog just for an hour sometimes they will also be ok to provide a free service but this guy brought his pup to the grocery store and left it in the car to be roasted in the Mexican heat which at that time ad reached 100 degrees outside the car and it was literally like the dog was cooked alive , and it was found languishing for water as it was completely dehydrated , then the police had to be called to set the dog free and they had to break the car open and take provide the dog with water and cool the temperature that had been increased in her body, when the owner was asked as to why he did this to his dog he simply shrugged his shoulders and said that he wanted to save the fuel in his car . If it had not been for the kind person who called the police to come and help the dog out the dog would have died.

The above two stories clearly show that there are still certain humans who are such angles in their behavior.

Summer Reminders

      1. Some dogs are prone to sunburn, especially if they are shaved down. Consider some of the new spray-on sun protectants for their backs or zinc ointments for noses.
      2. Vets are reporting cases of rabies in domestic animals so talk to your vet about rabies vaccinations.
      3. Fleas mean more than just itching… they indicate that your dog might get tapeworm. Flea dirt, when touched by water, turns red. Fleas combs are combs where the space between teeth is tight. Comb your dog and have a dish of water at hand to drown the fleas.
      4. Summer vacations in the woods increase the chance of ticks landing on your dog. Go over your dog once you’re back at the cabin. Learn how to remove a tick.
      5. Your vet is the best resource for topical applications that prevent fleas, ticks and worms. (Consumer tip: buy for the largest size of dog and use appropriate amount for the weight of your dog. One vial can treat three springer-sized dogs.)
      6. Put together a First Aid kit for your animals. Consider stocking it with childrens’ Benedryl (insect bites), gauze (cuts to foot pads), tweezers (removing ticks), and scissors.
      7. If you’ve never seen your dog swim, don’t assume s/he can.
      8. If your vacation includes a long drive and you know your dog gets carsick, try a couple of Ginger cookies thirty minutes prior to your departure.Ginger calms the stomach and most dogs do not get motion sickness (works for some kids too!)

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